STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - Little Bits Highschool



You have just arrived on Mars. Hand watering the plants you have brought with you is a pain but you need food to survive. Design a self-watering system for the plant life you have brought with you to Mars.


Design a solution to this problem


This section is intentionally left blank. We feel we have been too prescriptive in the past J


Learning Points


1.      How plants grow

2.      Water cycle

3.      Plant storage

4.      Water delivery

5.      New Atmosphere

6.      Monitoring systems – feedback loop


Teacher notes only

·       Sensors (littlebits)

·       Servo system to turn on water

·       Feedback loop to avoid over watering

·       If moisture levels < 5 then servo turns on tap

·       Teacher could start with an existing system that has issues and students improve that system.