STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - MAKEY MAKEY Year 4

Year 4 Lesson Plan


Year 4: Makey Makey – Construction of life cycle. – Biological Science.


Outcome - Students describe relationships that assist the survival of living things and sequence key stages in the life cycle of a plant or animal.


Overall objectives


Using Makey Makey to educate viewer on life cycle of animal and its habitat and adaptations.
Use end products as learning journey type activity.



Lesson 1


Introduction to Makey Makey integrated with Scratch. Demonstrate components, concepts and implications of use.

Plug in and model.

15-30 min free exploring.


Lesson 2.

Introduce life cycle. Variations of life cycles. Model end product. Attach and demonstrate makey makey of each stage.


Discuss criteria needed for final product. (poster format, audio, content)


Select life cycle and commence research.


Lesson 3 & 4


Research life cycle and recording of content on Scratch.


Lesson 5 & Lesson 6


Construction of life cycle.

Instruct and demonstrate how to record dot points of each stage.

Students can use own voice, upload sounds, create sounds.


Lesson 7 & 8


Present life cycles to peers.

Use a peer review using set criteria.