STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - MBOT Year 6-8

mBot 8 lesson activity.

Year 6 – 8

Daren, Paige, Amy and Ray

Lesson 1

Introduce the kit

Give the kids the design plan and challenge them to assemble the marbleblock robot.

Lesson 2

Assuming some knowledge of Blockly and Scratch.

Give students time in groups to look at the MBlock software and experiment with the software during the lesson to figure out what is possible with experimentation.

Lesson 3 – 4

Go to the website ‘Example’ link.

Look at the list of example programs, play around downloading applications and experimenting by seeing what the mBot does.

Experiment by loading up programs and then altering by experimenting eg removing lines or altering variables.

Lesson 5 – 7

Challenge the class with  a problem to solve eg transport to the canteen.

Students experiment and design a program to achieve this.

Test the program, analyse, evaluate and then redesign.

Lesson 8

All groups introduce their programmed activities and demonstrate them.

Class discussion, evaluate the technology.

Creative thinking on the potential of the program.


Follow up Unit

In groups students develop a real world application of mBot technology eg tour activities, mining industry transport of goods etc.