STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - MBot Year 6

Practical PD – mBot Lesson Sequence: Upper Primary Design and Technology- Science (natural world)


Understanding Function


1.      Investigate coding of mBot – using mBlocky. Understand basic code instructions: move Mbot forward, turn mBot, stop mBot, move backwards: Navigate mBot through basic maze.

2.      Investigate colour detection coding. Design attachment that could clear Lego blocks obstructing pathway, create pathway for mBot to follow, clear pathway of blocks for Edison robot to follow.

3.      Design purpose based attachment possibilities for mBot that could be used for a variety of uses. Have students discuss their designs and explain their ideas.

4.      Investigate different mBot configurations, design an activity that suits the purpose for this configuration and teach another group this mBot set up.




5.      Problem- New garden area is currently without plants. Design prototype, code, make debug an mBot that will either perform one of the following three tasks. Plant a row of seeds evenly.

-          Mark out the planting area, dig holes.

-          Plant a row of seeds evenly, cover.

-          Fertilise and water planted seeds.

6.      Students test, review and debug their mBot.

7.      Students test, review and debug their mBot.

8.      Students present and discuss their findings with each other. Students then produce a peer review of their understandings and talk about challenges, success and ways in which they would work differently next time.