STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - MICROBITS Year 10

I’m quicker than you …

Year 10 Mathematics/Science/Psychology



Lesson 1


Describing the project

  • Enquiry question: is there a difference between …?

Using the micro:Bit as a timer and LED flash indicator and display

Measure the reaction time of a population of male and female students

Looking at video of male/female/older/younger person’s reactions

What else affects your reaction times?

  • Drunk glasses
  • Sound as a distraction

Students making their own hypothesis

Testing perceptions


Lesson 2 - 3

Coding and testing (have a successful file prepared ... just in case)

  • Using the micro:Bit as a timer and LED flash indicator and display


Lesson 4 - 5


  • Mean, mode, median, box and whisker plots
  • Outliers and error bars
  • Variables


Lesson 6

Collecting and compiling data

Exchange results between class and classes


Lesson 7

Writing up results

Comparing results using plots to compare male/female, glasses/no glasses, sound/no sound

Preparing presentations


Lesson 8


  • A3 Poster
  • Revisit student’s original perception


Extra Research

Researching left and right brain

  • Using light trigger
  • Sound trigger
  • Colour trigger

Did the sexes react differently to different triggers?

Which side of the brain did your activities use?


Extra programming

Transfer results between micro:Bits to compare results and indicates win