STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - MICROBITS Year 3

Digital Technologies 8 lesson plans




How is this relevant to the real world?

Create a use for this in the real world.

Kids have to make their own ideas.






Beginner Course


Task One

Learn how to create an image on the microbit.


Task Two

Show a number or letter on a microbit.


Task Three

Using code students get their name to light up on the micro:bit


Task Four

Using the microbit to show a text message. (showstring)


Task Five

Create a smiley or sad face on the microbit.


Task Six 

Create a logo or symbol on the microbit


Task Seven

Repeat a series of images forever with a pause.


Task Eight

Display images with a pause (flashing heart)


Task Nine

Number count down 


Curriculum Links

Digital Systems

Point One, Two, Three


Representation of Data

Point One, Two, 


Digital Implementations 

Point One, Two, Three, Five,