STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - OZOBOT Year 3

Year 3 - using Ozobot


Lesson 1  - read Rosie's Walk and discuss direction, revise angles and degrees

  • students create Rosie's Walk journey using green, red, blue and black markers


Lesson 2 - introduce Ozobot and use on a child's journey walk from previous lesson. 

  • does it move around?
  • what makes it move?
  • What do the colours do?
  • Use mini whiteboard to create a new path and test different pathways - self investigation 


Lesson 3 - retell Rosie's Walk

  • redraw a new track using knowledge and add an extra complication
  • Oral retell of their story using Ozobot - video their story


Lesson 4/5  - revise Charlie's Chocolate Factory - discuss movement of characters around factory

  • could the Ozobots do that?  How?
  • In groups- Create a factory design with different rooms each child will have their own room
  • Work collaboratively to design factory - 3D, ramps, scenery, backgrounds......


Lesson 6/7/8 - each person in group is assigned a character to create a program using Ozoblockly to move to a room

  • how will their character travel?
  • Where will it go/rooms?
  • What happens to their character- fall off edge, spins around 
  • Retell the story using characters and background - video
  • Show finished product to class
  • Evaluation of own program - what would they change or add next time
  • Put on Seesaw