STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - OZOBOT Year 5/6

STEM project


Danni Gericke, Vanessa Drum, Hajnulka Molloy, David Jenkin


Title: Water sustainability on Campus


Upper primary


Technologies: Bee-bot/ ozobot


Assessment task: Maths : measure length in metres and fractions, scale down when drawing the maps


Digital technology assessment: Code an algorithm, branch the code for condition.


Problem: the grounds keeper finds the most efficient route to water the plants



  1. field walk to collect data take photos using ipads
  2. create a map from drone video and photos,
  3. Upper extension. Using Scratch to draw digital map from this data
  4. classify plants into type, indigenous exotic,
  5. plot a route on the map using ramps
  6. build model ramps to negotiate stone walls  incline 15 degrees(up primary)
  7. code the robot on the most efficient route
  8. measure distance of route and time the route to determine speed of robot.
  9. imagine a complication (snake, earthquake). redesign your route.
  10. Final voting on submissions. Announce winning entry.