STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - OZOBOTS Year 3/4

The Special Moves Game

Purpose: Trying to sell this game to Matell – Target Game Audience is PREP

1.       Ozobots functions – pens, special moves (I Do, We Do)


2.       Inquire about the Problem: Maths basis: Chance – fair/unfair (You Do) Expand on known ideas to create imaginative combinations


3.       Practice: Designing game board – including 2 pathways incorporating special moves when you win or lose – you choose what to do with that (You Do)


4.       Test/Evaluate/Analyse (You Do) – Experiment with a range of options in seeking solutions and putting ideas into action


5.       Redesign from the evaluation (You Do)


6.       Test again and self-reflect (You Do) – Instruction Card and name it. Draw on prior knowledge and use evidence and explain and justify ideas and outcomes


7.       Market it – make it  look pretty (You Do) Continue constructing


8.       Present/showcase (You Do) – Assess Digital/Design Technology and Literacy


9.       Present/showcase – Prep students PLAY ‘Go Prep Go!