STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - SPHERO Year 3/4





Differentiation (Enabling & Extending Prompts)


Session 1

What is a Sphero?


Brainstorm as a class what they think a Sphero could be used for.  

Explain to students that over the next few weeks we will be creating a sequence of codes to participate in the Spher-O-lympics

Model how to code the Sphero and the different functions.




Session 2

Sphero obstacle course

Show some videos of how a sphero can be used to run an obstacle course.


Give students parameters with which to design their obstacle course.

Students to being to draw and annotate their maps in their books.

Students to draw their diagram to scale


Session 3

Using a key in maps

See Session 2



Session 4


Coding of Spheros



Session 5


Coding of Spheros




Session 6

Using action verbs in your writing


While students are waiting to test their sphero they need to write a procedure explaining how they used the sphero to complete the obstacle course.



Session 7

Whole class discussion: What do we need to change and why?

Recoding of spheros/making changes to their map



Session 8


Whole class viewing of spheros running obstacle course on  basketball court


What did we discover?




Sphero obstacle bocce / bowling

Session 1 – in their maths books, students to create an obstacle course for the Shero to follow. Each course must include at least 5 obstacles. Students to use a key to draw the obstacle course (as an extension can draw to scale).

Session 2 – Students to program the Sphero to complete the obstacle course.

Dominos Christmas tree

Fine Motor obstacle race


…or ;)


Dave’s little Helper:

Help dave in his quest to not leave the black chair.

Code the Sphero as a “pickup truck” it must visit each student table cluster and bring the workbooks to the teacher.

How will it work – will it be able to pick up all books at once or do several trips?

Extension – how could you use the sphero to benefit you?

Design a problem and a solution.