STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - SPHERO 3/4

Stage 2 – History – Community and Remembrance

describes and explains how significant individuals, groups and events contributed to changes in the local community over time


This lesson is designed for use with available technology at your school. There is flexibility to substitute technology with the resources you have available. We are using iPads as video recorders and QR Code creators/readers with the potential inclusion of Sphero as a tour guide. Drones could be used for the mapping component.


Lesson 1 - TOUR

Walk the local area, view with use of drone technology or satellite images etc.

Set up the parameters of the presentation at the end – the local paper, the councilors, the mayor, their parents etc.

Lesson 2 - RESEARCH

Research the significant places/individual/group in the community within the local area, allow students to choose one of interest to them

Lesson 3 – MAP

Creating the map of the local area (to scale for the area you will be using for the presentation – hall, COLA etc) ensuring inclusion of all chosen places.

Choose an appropriate scale for the area of the presentation and locations chosen

Google Maps/ Mathematics (scales) / Drone technology


Demonstrate technology they will be able to use for their presentation and highlight any limitations (resources, spatial considerations etc)

Plan how to include technology in the presentation of their significant place

Ensure this technology will be available for the following lessons


Drafting of Video/Storyboarding

This is a planning session for the students to plan out the recording or their presentation; what needs to be recorded, any props they will require, any written slides/posters they need to include etc.


Creation of Video Presentation to explain significant place (iMovie, or whatever technology)

This is the lesson where the students


Editing of Video and Finalising of Presentations

Lesson 8 – CODE GUIDES

Code Sphero to navigate through map to their significant place

QR Code creation and link

Combine their video with the QR code to link the visitors to their presentation.

Ensure their Sphero can navigate through the route to take visitors to their destination