STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - SPHERO Year 4-6

Aim: Design a 9 hole golf course using Sphero and use example of Greg Norman as a golf course designer. Sphero measures the par for the course, based on the angles, the Sphero can only travel certain directions. Sphero golf is designed for students who cannot hit a regular golf ball with a club, but can attempt to aim for a hole using coding.

Lesson 1: Show video of golf courses, designs, shots played by current golf stars

Lesson 2: Group students in 2-3 and go to a mini putt putt to motivate students

Lesson 3: Draw designs in groups based on photos taken at mini putt putt excursion for a 9 hole golf course for a one hole per group final game

Lesson 4: Practise in groups to use Sphero to aim into a hole/cup/paper plate with circle cut out/box full of craft materials or recycled materials to aim into the hole.

Lesson 5: Draw up on butcher’s paper a simple program to aim the Sphero into the created hole as per Lesson 4. Video attempts to see what works and what doesn’t and the modifications that need to be made.

Lesson 6: Discuss the various commands within the Sphero app that could be used to do Lesson 5. Test these commands within in the app and discuss how to make the hole more challenging for a competitor based a maximum number of shots (par 4 course, par 5 course etc.) and work on the challenge using the materials provided.

Lesson 7: Students make their hole based on their design using craft materials, and practise creating code to reach the par for their hole.

Lesson 8: Tournament held using all 9 holes with the closest to the total par for the 9 holes being the winner. Parents can attend and view the tournament and a sports video made of the various attempts to make par for courses and interviews conducted with successful Sphero golfers who reach par. Videos uploaded to school website for public viewing/ME TV in some schools.