STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - EDISON ROBOT Year 3

Year 3 - Edison Robot



Create an efficient ranger robot to tidy the town while we sleep. Tie in to Ranger for Life program currently running in TP


Lesson 1

Watch wall-e  and discuss story Line of Wall-e (why did the world die?) 

Discussion about robots KWL chart

Explain that technology is used to HELP humans (reiterate this throughout unit).


Lesson 2

Play with the Edison's - don't spoon feed, allow students to experiment through trial and error.

Experiment with coding - ways to download codes to the Edison 

Set mini challenges eg simple tracks with black tape

Introduce the bar code 


Lesson 3 and 4

Collect rubbish data from around school and create tally

You could delve further and use excel and graphing to display results

Guest speaker - council member to discuss collection points and how much rubbish is produced - map on a class map for next lesson.


Lesson 6

Plan and design a map of the town to scale (this will need to be on A2 paper) so the students can later put black tape on for the course. Students can build a lego tray on the back of the Edison. 


Lesson 7 

Design the course on the map - who can come up with the most efficient route? Use black tape to map out course. Allow students to plan, test and evaluate. 


Lesson 8 

Present map to the class