STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - SPHERO Year 5/6

Sphero - Maths 5/6 - integrating sport as the hook/motivation


Areas to discuss - Aka scale, compass directions, angles etc for model of sporting ground/school oval


Build track and get marks for points, loose points if hit sides.

Add pop sticks or other materials for measurements - use multiple spheres for a race, different types of tracks, then talk chance and data. Bring in English with recounts and procedural writing


1 = Walt lesson - teacher lead class discussion (with opportunities for student exploration ie finding materials and testing usefulness) - what and why - big lesson showing what end product is. Looking at what materials could use for track. Time, scale, measurement, angles, building/engineering etc. talking about sustainability of materials and durability (combine sustainability and engineering)


**Kids need inclusion ie special needs/I work with ea outside to (model) learn to drive sphero then can take leadership role and demonstrate how to class


2-4 = short Walt overview- focus on students discovering/exploring. Then start building - looking at building track using certain number of popsicles/other decided material (pipe cleaners, bamboo etc - look at sustainability/durability). Looks at measurement and angles and scale. Adding obstacles them must navigate around - ie extension then set up bridges.


5-6 = testing tracks and improve/discuss differences and why (ie fastest, most difficult, better materials etc) then move from controller element to coding element - which then moves into translation for human scale version - follow same directions/code that you put into Sphero


7- 8 = ratio and scale - do proper full scale version using them and exercise balls (tape or similar to mark out on oval) - then compare who did it faster, humans or sphero, and why