STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - SPHERO Year 5



Year 5


Curriculum areas:


Digital Technology:


  • Define problems in terms of data and functional requirements drawing on previously solved problems (ACTDIP017)
  • Design, modify and follow simple algorithms involving sequences of steps, branching, and iteration (repetition)(ACTDIP019)




  • Explore dynamics and expression, using aural skills to identify and perform rhythm and pitch patterns (ACAMUM088)
  • Explain how the elements of music communicate meaning by comparing music from different social, cultural and historical contexts, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music (ACAMUR091)




  • Explore movement and choreographic devices using the elements of dance to choreograph dances that communicate meaning (ACADAM009)
  • Explain how the elements of dance and production elements communicate meaning by comparing dances from different social, cultural and historical contexts, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dance (ACADAR012)



Lesson 1:

  • Look at properties of music which are determinant of music in dance
  • Pitch, rhythm and beat
  • Kids look for songs
  • Decide on a code that would be used to describe the movement visually with colours
  • Create examples of descriptors


Lesson 2:

  • Formalise their code and make iMovie which shows the code only with no other visual in time to the music
  • Share with another group. Only include the iMovie and descriptors of movement
  • Other group needs to crack the code and determine which descriptors match which colours
  • Peer assessment and feedback in relation to how well the dance relates to the song using online survey tool (e.g. Microsoft survey)


Lesson 3:

  • Introduce the students to the Spheros with minimal instructions
  • Groups given a chance to play with it
  • Direct them to the Spheros community to let them see what others have done


Lesson 4:

  • Make a pack of cards with simple direction on them
  • Groups choose 8 of these cards at random and attempt to program their Spheros to follow those directions
  • Video for seesaw



Lesson 5:

  • Whole class is given the Macarena and students attempt to get their Spheros to move left and right to the basic beat
  • Each group tries to add a new move and then shares with the class


Lesson 6:

  • Each group is given a different genre of music (e.g. classical, indigenous, electronic, folk) to design a dance routine
  • Share at the end
  • Discuss a class the differences depending on the genre


Lesson 7:

  • Children are given the same music
  • Groups working independently of each other they need to come up with a dance routine using the agreed codes for the song
  • They watch each other’s routine at the same time
  • Examine differences and similarities
  • Vote for their favourite


Lesson 8:

  • Final Synchronised dancing presentation of the Spheros
  • Film the final presentation from a low point and groups make a music video


Other concepts:

  • Ten pin bowling
  • Painting
  • Maze making
  • Disability studies
  • Dot to dot
  • Spheros racing
  • Spheros chasey
  • Spheros Sumo
  • Spheros soccer
  • Spheros driving test
  • Mapping
  • Write your name