STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - SPHERO Year 7/8


LESSON 1-2 Obstacle course (Controlling)

  • Teacher gives limited information on the task. 2 teams are allocated by the teacher.
  • 1 x iPad and 1 x Sphero given to each team. The students then have to work out how to control the Sphero through the App.
  • Students given approx. 15-30 mins (depending on uptake)


  • Once students have had experience with controlling the Sphero’s, they will then have the task explained to them.


  • The teacher will set up an obstacle course for the students in the gymnasium.


  • Challenges could include: knocking over a plastic cup with water (or no water, depends on environment), weaving through cones, moving a ball, going up a ramp, doing a U-turn around the cone etc.

LESSON 3-4 (Control practice and Coding)

  • As an activity to refresh their Sphero controlling, the students will need to follow the outline of an existing court (eg tennis court, basketball).
  • Once the students feel comfortable controlling their Sphero, they will be given the challenge of coding the Sphero to follow the outline of an existing court. (Preferably use the gymnasium for extra space and outline selection, as a gymnasium is usually colour coded with the different court such as badminton, soccer and basketball court)

LESSON 5 ONWARDS (Game court coding challenge)

  • Students are challenged to design a games court eg handball, hopscotch or a maze.
  • Each group will be given a set area that they need to do their court within eg 5x5 metres)
  • They will need to plan out their court on a piece of paper, to scale.
  • Then students need to code their Sphero to mark out their games court design.



  • Marking out a court with paint rolling your Sphero through
  • Extra activity to be doing an art work on large piece of paper with paint on your Sphero.