STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - SPHERO Year 7

  1. Introduction to the concept of networking and fastest path
  2. Basic path development – how to block code and make the Sphero complete a simple path
  3. Detailed path development – building on the previous lesson, making paths that have to follow more precise routes by placing obstacles in the path
  4. Task: Where should we place the new Ambulance Station so that it can access each of the houses in the town in a reasonable amount of time? Program your Sphero to go to Ambulance Station - House A – Hospital, Ambulance Station - House B – Hospital, Ambulance Station - House C – Hospital. Time each of the trips and develop and average time. Ensure your Sphero pauses at the houses for a second to pick up passengers.
  5. Group task planning
  6. Group coding and practice timing
  7. Group finalising and adjusting. Adding of lights and sirens.
  8. Class challenge and timing