STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - SPHEROS Year 4/5/6

Sphero Art Lesson Plans

Year 4/5/6


Activity 1:

Plain paper with borders

Sphero with free drive 

Paint blobs in primary colours


Students have control to drive the sphero over the paper and through the paint.


Activity 2:

Coding with partner 

Paper split into squares and giving instructions to design a painting eg paint/roll/draw/stamp a picture

Upper Primary to write down instructions to check


Activity 3:

Introducing coding with the sphero eg speed, direction…

Problem solve a shape construction eg square or triangle...even circle

Record the coding


Activity 4:

Problem solve moving the sphero to create different lines eg curvy, zigzag, jagged

Record the coding


Activity 5:

Code the sphero to follow a track such as through a maze 


Activity 6:

Based on the coding in previous lesson, use that coding to position paint of own colour choice and run the sphero


Activity 7:

Create a picture using shapes and lines that incorporate those that worked in the exploration phase


Activity 8:

Code the sphero to follow the design and position the paint to create a sphero painting