STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - SPHERO Year 4

Sphero – Lesson Plan for Beginners


Lesson 1


  • Introduction to Sphero
    • Charge Sphero, Download ‘Lightning Lab’ app, create student accounts/classes
  • Experiment
    • Students play with the Sphero and familiarise themselves with features of the app and what the Sphero can do


Lesson 2


  • Mini Challenge – Make a square
    • Use the ‘draw’ function to get the Sphero to draw a square. What problems did you encounter? Did your sphero go straight? How to you calibrate the direction?
  • Mini Challenge – Make a square using block editor



Lesson 3


  • Mini Challenge – Make a square (Next Step)
    • How many steps did you use to make your programme last week using the block editor?
    • Can we do the same thing with fewer steps? What if we used a ‘loop function’?
    • Students experiment with the loop function
    • Students watch YouTube clip on how to use the loop function to recreate their square with fewer steps.


Lesson 4


  • Mini Challenge – Make a game with sound effects
    • Students learn how to play the toss game whereby students simply throw a ball to each other.
    • With the Sphero, students will add sound so that each time the Sphero is thrown, an animal noise will sound.
    • For the Junior Years (PP-1), students can guess the sound and identify which animal sound they can hear. Alternatively, Spheros can be rolled instead. This can be programmed by the older years for our Early Learning classes can play and enjoy.


Lesson 5


  • Mini Challenge – Using Lights
    • Introduction to the ‘Lighting’ feature
    • Students explore
    • Students make a Sphero spinning top with lighting effects as it spins.