STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - SPHERO Year 5

Tool - Spheros Year 5




Using the sphero app

Exploring the functions

Learn to drive and control

Connecting to the iPad

Changing the colours


Learning basic coding to programme sphero

Choose 4 functions for students to demo at end of the lesson: roll, change colour, spin, change direction

Pair share, peer teach


Set up mazes/tracks – clear plastic tablecloths drawn on, not to progress to next until they can manage without touching sides



Integrate maths, time trials.  Collect data of distance, time (graphing) Use a stop watch – using that is a skill in itself


Build ramps, see how far sphero goes after programming has stopped – estimation, measuring, speed


Experiment with different surfaces and how it effects speed – grass, carpet, tiles, lino etc.  Note, protective covers required for pavement use.  Record times and graph


Write procedures to follow maze track – use symbols as well as words


Dip spheros in paint and have them programme to paint the first initial of the names of their group


Build chariots with Spheros, build bridge for design technology