STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - SPHERO Year 5

Sphero Program Year 5’s


Mars Mission


Mystery Island


NASA finds evidence of something interesting on the surface of Mars. A team is despatched to investigate. Sphero is the exploration vehicle.

Similar but on a lost island.

Space Activities

  1. Solar system – planets, distances, travel times. Relative temperatures of planets.
  2. Sphero can orbit planets on a modelled solar system. Drop sheets of paper and paint?
  3. Features of planet e.g. Mars.


Planetary Activities

Set task involving getting to the exploration goal.

Tasks could involve a variety of surfaces, gradients and obstacles. Science Investigation or Design Process in Technology.

Biological sciences – Presence of water to support life? What kind of life? Adaptions?

Supporting the life of humans on Mars. How to deal with environment and provide food etc.



Vocabulary, communications with Earth, each other, diaries etc.

Video (Skype) conferences etc.


Maths –

Sphero communication using colour codes.

Budget for mission.

Pay for explorers.

Science - Light Shows – Primary Connections.



Art – construction of environment, base etc.