STEM Lesson Plan & Activities - SPHEROS Year 5

Using Spheros in the classroom.

Activity 1-2

Watch Wall-e

Students discuss the following;

  • What problems were created in the movie?
  • What jobs were taken over by robots?
  • What jobs do you think should be taken over in the future by robots? Any dangerous jobs? Mundane jobs? Unhealthy jobs? Repetitive tasks? Risky jobs?
  • Students record how this may look with robots doing these jobs.

Objectives: For students to identify the positives and negatives of robotics in our society now and in the future.


Activity 3

Introduce the sphero and software to the students. Tell them they have 10 minutes to explore and investigate how the sphero works and be ready to share with the class.

Objectives:  Familiarity of the spheros and programming of the sphero.


Activity 4

Students construct a square on the carpet from masking tape and program the sphero to go around the perimeter.

Students record this as video/mapping.

Objectives: To successfully program a sphero to achieve a particular outcome.


Activity 5-8 Assessment Task

Students are to be in groups of 2-3

Each group is to identify the following;

  • Identify a problem to solve. For eg bringing water to livestock on farms, picking up rubbish, transporting people or objects off the ground.
  • Record specific instructions for the sphero to solve the identified problem.
  • Students are ONLY to use materials found in the classroom including recyclables.
  • The sphero must travel a set pathway to achieve this goal as a minimum requirement.
  • Option of an extension: include the minimal pathway plus reverse directions.

Aim of the task is that the sphero performs as instructed and the problem is solved.