School PD

Many schools make use of their Professional Development days to bring us into the school to work with a group of teachers or all staff to implement our “Digital Technologies Implementation” Workshop. This presents a great opportunity for a whole school approach to implementing the Digital Curriculum knowledge and understandings and processes and production skills into a practical workshop focusing on the STEM / STEAM subjects across multiple year levels for immediate success. Our educator works to a 3 part day to explore the WHYs?, WHATs? and HOWs? specifically customised to the school’s needs and wants.

You may even join with another school close by to run the workshop for a greater number of staff and cost savings.

In order to keep costs to a minimum morning tea lunch to be provided by the school. The cost of the school PD is dependent on the number of participants (minimum 5 – maximum 50)

Register your preferred dates so we can contact you and confirm the date and cost of the day.

Please complete the form below and will be in contcat with you soon to make arrangements