"Thanks for a great day Brad. Was a good refresher on how to implement digital technology curriculum in practical ways that are relevant to students. Lots of fun discovering the STEAM and digital technologies too!"
Vanessa Mortimer. 

"Thanks Brad for a great day. I’ve gained a lot of new ideas and I have a better understanding of the students’ futures in regards to Digital Technology. Your delivery was clear and easy to follow. I’ve walked away feeling a lot more inspired. "

Kind Regards 
Julietta Strano 



"Extremely relevant and applicable Professional Development opportunity about the ever-present digital world and how are students are engaging with it. Fantastic opportunity to collaborate with like minded educators and explore a myriad of digital resources and their uses for curriculum mapping. Highly recommend for any one in the Digital Technologies Space at any level."

Rowan Thomas
4-6 Learning and Accountability Leader


Just wanted to say thank you very much for the informative PD today. I believe it is one of the most useful workshops I’ve had attended so far.
The way you have started the workshop to take us outside the box and set our mind to the global importance of teaching and learning in the 21st century and beyond was fantastic.

In the journey of how to teach our students the way they find it relevant to them was great, this is the way they will take the ownership of their learning, enjoy it, make sense of what they are doing and succeed in life.I hope we can implement what we have learnt!

Thank you and we will see you soon.

LOTE, Science and STEM coordinator
Australian International Academy CSC


Having Brad kick off our school year with a full day training was such a positive way for our staff to begin our school year. Not only are we motivated to dig into STEM thanks to the illustration of the big picture provided by Brad, but we genuinely have practical ways to get stuck into it straight away in Term 1. We were given time to plan units at the end of the session and have gained access to other participants ideas through their website. Amazing! Staff are excited to jump in, nerves have been reassured, and importantly, every one is on the same page. It was really nice to put our children's future at the forefront of our planning for the year, and we all know we are in for a exciting year using robotics and taking on design challenges! The impact on staff as a whole was immediately visible, and I am confident that the momentum will continue throughout the term. For me personally, it was certainly much more effective (and better value for money) than our interstate trip last year to a STEM conference.

Thanks, Brad!

South Australian Primary School


"Brad is an excellent presenter, thoroughly engaging all staff with an effective blend of information, practical activities and future planning. The STEM presentation was thought provoking and met our professional learning needs and some.  Brad allowed time for practical exploration of a variety of STEM digital and coding tools and staff walked away with a term's planning in STEM."


Peter Allison
North Haven School


Wow! Thank you for a most enlightening workshop that jettisoned me into the 21st century and beyond! This workshop was the best professional development I have encountered as an educator for quite sometime ! It was a brilliant information sharing workshop on future technologies and the implications for educators,students and parents! Your presentation style was excellent and the STEM resources, hands on aspect and lesson planning  truly cemented my new learning!

Your workshop is a must for all school staff if we want to be able to up-skill and support our students to succeed in this volatile hi-tech environment and beyond! 

Robyn Mercierre
Adelaide school


Thank you Brad.  I attended today’s session and have already told my line manager that it was the best PD I have attended in at least 10 years. I am head of Humanities and Social Sciences at Mary MacKillop College. While a lot of effort/time/money has been spent on STEM in Maths and Science at our school, the humanities area has been neglected. I am part of the e-smart committee which basically looks at safety/ethical use in IT, so today was a breath of fresh air for me, in looking at how technology can be used in a positive way, and in my faculty area in particular (History/Geography/Legal Studies/Tourism/Economics/Business/Psychology). I loved it. I feel enthused to now go back and look at how we can do more…much more!!!

Thanks again. Shauna Fragomeli (I was in the first group which talked about why Adelaide’s water pipes break so often and how the students can come up with some solutions)

Ps I am also a grandma and your catalogue has assisted me in getting Christmas presents sorted!  Yay! All the best, safe trip home and thanks again.  

Shauna Fragomeli


Hi Brad just wanted to say what a great PD you ran in Adelaide. Most PD days are either full of content or full of resources but practicalpd have combined both content with resources which can go straight into the classroom and allows for liked minded teachers to make networks for future support. Again thanks for the opportunity.

Steve Prior


Thank you for the fantastic session today. Its been really insightful and helpful.

Alexandra Fowler
/ Woomera Area School


Thank you for yesterday, it was one of the best Professional Development courses I have attended in the last 4 years.  It was inspiring, hands on, relevant and, as an attendee, I walked away with a series of lessons to put into play in the classroom the following day and a range of ideas from other teachers to use with a variety of technological tools.

Thank you again.

Sara Wood
Science Teacher
Melville Senior High School


Hi Brad,

Thanks again for a wonderful workshop last week. I was excited to get back to school and have a tinker with some of the equipment we had at school. Thanks for sending through the lesson plans too.

Jane Kitson


Hi Brad,

I really enjoyed the Practical PD workshop. You provided an opportunity for a balanced view on STEAM in the classroom. I really enjoyed the hands on sessions and how they can apply to my classroom. Even someone like myself who is not scientifically minded managed to have fun whilst learning something new!

Thanks for your time and effort. Hopefully you get to visit St Joseph's sooner rather than later!

Warm Wishes
Minnie Trimboli


Hi Brad,

Thank you for the informative PD you delivered yesterday.  You gave great advise on how to introduce STEM technology into schools without it feeling like an overwhelming task.  I am excited about sharing some fantastic ideas with my colleagues.

Laura von Kelaita
Settlers Primary School


Thank you Brad for your in depth presentation on technology. It was a great experience to be able to 'play' with the equipment, much of which was given to schools in the technology kit. The information you presented was very relevant and I am excited to see where technology takes us in the future. I left the PD feeling excited and prepared to integrate STEM into my classroom.

Kind regards,
Taryn Grainger
Tom Price Primary School


Brad, many thanks for the informative and inspiring workshop at Success Primary School last week. After much thought and thumbing of the CD Soft catalogue, I placed an order on Monday for 2 codebugs (plus relevant accessories) and 2 Strawbee inventor kits. My items must have been shipped immediately as they were delivered to the office yesterday afternoon. Now the fun begins!

My students were delighted to be rained in this morning at recess as they were able to have a good session experimenting with the strawbees (many fidget spinners were created as well as a ferris wheel looking object). Meanwhile I have been on the codebug.co.uk website and programmed my name to flash across the bug. I am especially impressed that my students will be able to see their programs in blockly code alongside python code - what a great extension from our code.org work.

I have just left Heather's classroom to assist her order codebugs and we have recommended all our colleagues get an opportunity to join you in a workshop.

Kind regards,
Michelle Davies
Classroom Teacher
Bletchley Park Primary School


"Thanks for the Digital Technologies PD today. The value in developing and sharing resources with like-minded teachers helps to create inspirational and engaging lessons that will build our future generation. A brilliant presentation that will assist in my future planning and implementation. It's an exciting world, yet scary - you help take the fear away with sessions like this! Thank you! "

Claire Slater
Upper Swan Primary School


"Excellent PD ran by Brad. Exceptionally good for robotic/coding novices. Particularly benefited from session 3 and have the opportunity to plan/collobarate with other teachers who feel exactly the same as you."

Ashleigh Dunning
Aveley Primary School


"Thanks very much Brad for a hugely informative, practical, hands-on PD. Leaving with collaborative lesson plans and new contacts has been massively beneficial and will impact so positively on my classroom practice."

Helen Macpherson
Majella Catholic Primary School


"Thanks for a great introduction to the various technology tools. I particularly enjoyed the beginning session of the WHY? It made me think more positively about the digital world! "



"Today was a very informative and practical day. I loved playing with the "toys" (tools) and can not wait to get these into our school. "

Jessica West


"Thanks for an extremely interesting and enlightening pd today. I have learnt a fair bit of what digital technologies are available out there and cannot wait to start playing with the new gadgets and introducing them to my students."

Leigh-Anne Hopkins
Head of Mathematics
Lake Joondalup Baptist College


"Thanks for an informative, hands on practical PD! Lots of info to share with colleagues. Thank you so much Brad! "

Lynette Muller
Kinross Primary School


An engaging PD. It was great to play around with the many technologies available. Thank you.

Amie Hedges
Kinross Primary School


Great PD! Hands on approach to tackling the DT curriculum. Thank you for an enjoyable day.



"Brad Howard's full day session was informative and inspiring. Brad used his experiences in business to highlight the opportunities open to Australia through technological innovation and the role teachers can play in equipping Australian students to access labour markets that will constantly change."

Jamie Lamb
Kirup Primary School


"Great hands on and relevant PD that expanded my horizons and gave me confirmation of my program."

Nathan Hughes
North Mandurah Primary School


"Thanks for the PD - Digital Technologies Curriculum Workshop. The day was very helpful, practical and relevant to current development of technology teaching and learning in the classroom."

Quentin Oaklands
Head of HPE
Grace Christian School


"As a accredited computer consultant coming back again into mainstream education after a lapse of 4 years, the workshop was refreshing and highly informative. The presenter's professional and honest approach to detail was outstanding, and also as the presenter have first hand experience being in the ICT industry before.

Recommended and great to build networks!"

Eric le Grange
Carey Baptist College
Robotics/ Computer Science/ Info Tech teacher


"Just a quick note to say that I really enjoyed the Digital Technologies PD. While it was great to use some of the equipment again and to receive some of the resources, I found the most valuable part of the day was the ability to work collaboratively to not only build lesson plans, but to also complete an initial draft of an assessment rubric for Digital Technologies."

Mark White
Serpentine Primary School

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